Massage and Body Wellness
Master ASTECC Practitioner


Marissa Miller

I received a treatment form Sarah, and it was truly an incredible experience.  She dry brushed me, gave me a massage, and included a wrap.  Her expertise and professionalim are noteworthy.  You can tell by the way she works that body wellness is a passion of hers and an everday part of her life.  She knew just how to relieve my lower back and neck pain.  Sarah also walked me through each step of the treatment, teaching me about the benifits of her work and the ways she was helping my body.  It is worth mentioning her serene, relaxing space she works in as well. The entire experience was simply amazing. I can not wait to make her treatments a rugular part of my life!

Maggie Rintala 

I knew from my first massage with Sarah 12 years ago that she was a spacial practitioner. She has brought me healing in many forms over the years, from educating me about oils to working with my lymphatic system. I will continue to recommend Sarah to all my friends, clients and family.

Kelly Keller

Before meetting Sarah, I had never heard of manual lymph drainage. When Sarah suggested that it would be highly beneficial for not only my body type, but also for the pain I was experiencing in my neck, I was keen to learn more. The MLD session took me to a level of relaxation I had never experienced before! In the past, I thought painful deep tissue massages were the only way to feel relief, but I was wrong. I am still in shock that the technique of the gentle, small motions left me feeling sedated and pain-free. The effects were long lasting as well! A huge thank you to Sarah for knowing exactly what my body needed to feel great.

Lisa Myers

Sarah is an amazing body worker. I've been going to her for years and can always rely on her expertise in making me feel  better. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and it shows through her work. I highly recommend you put your body into her hands.


With so many massage therapists to chose from, Sarah is a true gem and as good as they come.  I did not have to tell her to reach certain areas of my body because I know she was working with many years of experince.  Sarah listened and custimized  my treatment to what my body truly needed.  Sarah is the best massage practitioner I have seen. You won't be disappointed!

Robin Ihnfeldt

Sarah is hands down the best massage therapist I've ever had! Her teatments have helped me recover from back and neck pain, as well as different types of running injuries. She has vast experience with many different techniques and knows exactly how to apply her knowledge for healing. I hightly recommend Sarah for healing and aliment, or simply to treat yourself to a fantastic massage!